From the beginning, Mr. Gruen showed a knack for stumbling into music history. In the summer of 1965, he used his camera to wrangle a press pass into the Newport Folk Festival. That happened to be the Dylan-goes-electric show, one of the most dissected gigs in rock history. “It was chaos,” he said, of the moment when Mr. Dylan shocked the folkies by plugging in a Stratocaster. “They didn’t quite get it. Over the years thinking about it, what he was doing was making a statement that rock ’n’ roll was the folk music of America.”
Alex Williams & Bob Gruen


Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside (on tumblr!)

I’d never seen Sallie or her band before. The power went out on stage and she went acoustic right in the middle of a song for 3-4 songs. Handled it like a pro and the audience gave her giant props. 

Sure follow when I get back. 

Electric/acoustic, Sallie is fantastic.